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The BIBLE has the answer


This is our Web Site about God's JUDGMENT on the wicked world


There shall be a JUDGMENT DAY for all people, and all nations

Judgment Day


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We do not copyright anything. All material on this web site is here to provide free Biblical information. Anyone may freely use any or all the information present, to honor and glorify our awesome Triune God. All material here must remain free to "whosoever."




Welcome to our web site

Many Judgments in the Bible

Many of our articles are not like the stuff found in 'religious' literature today. We represent NO church or denomination. This ministry was established in 1996, and we have never been associated with ANY 'religious' organization, nor will we be in the future. My husband and I want to stay free from any and all groups that would hinder or confine our stand with the Lord Jesus . . . OR keep us from serving God as we feel we should.

We simply consider ourselves members of the TRUE church, that being those individuals who have been born again into the family of God (John 1:12-13; 3:3-8). . . NOT a denomination!

The articles I write are meant to strengthen and enlighten Christ's Church, and to lead the members away from the multitude of 'religious' dangers that lurk in all directions, beckoning them to go over to an easier 'religion' of peace and love. BEWARE! Satan is working overtime in today's pulpits with smooth talking preachers teaching falsehoods. Beware of the multitude of cults out there!

As long as the Lord gives me wisdom, words and strength, I shall continue my job as His humble servant, in the prison ministry and our web sites.

"But we are sure that THE JUDGMENT OF GOD is according to truth against them which commit such things." Rom. 2:2 . . . The Bible contains many examples of the judgment of God. Sometimes it affects the whole Earth, like the Flood (that many mock and ridicule), and sometimes it is a national judgment, so often revealed in God's Word. And sometimes it may be just one family or just one individual.

Many times God's judgment falls NOT on just the wicked unbeliever, but on His own people. Regardless of who is being judged or how severe the judgment, it is ALWAYS "according to truth." God is always righteous! He will always judge correctly and the penalty will ALWAYS suits the crime . . . maybe we may not think so, but the righteous judgment of our God is ALWAYS right and just!

One thing to remember, God's judgment does not always come as soon as we expect it, or in the way we might expect it, but it will ALWAYS come, and it will be right!

Many Judgments in the Bible

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http://www.believersweb.org/view.cfm?ID=405 . . . (Judgment Day Sermon)


The BIBLE has the answer